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Ready to navigate the Rotterdam housing scene? We’ve got your back with a list that covers it all. Whether you’re a campus dweller, seeking the student vibe, or looking for something off-campus, we’ve got options.

If you’re into professional guidance, check out the Rental Agencies section. We’ve got Hostels/Hotels on the list for a shorter stay too. And of course, there’s the general Apartments and Rooms section for the broader spectrum.

On-Campus Student Housing

Difficulty of Acquisition
On-Campus Student Housing 85%

Off-Campus Student Housing

Difficulty of Acquisition
Off-Campus Student Housing 75%

General Apartments and Rooms

Difficulty of Acquisition
General Apartments and Rooms 65%

Hostels / Hotels

Rental Agencies

Some final tips


After finding an address, go see for yourself, and always take someone with you. Prepare in advance a list of points that you should look for:

  1. Evaluate the reliability of the landlord.
  2. Confirm the presence of essential amenities such as heating, a sink, and nearby toilet facilities.
  3. Inquire about the feasibility of cooking within the rented space.
  4. Assess the adequacy of safety measures, particularly fire safety.
  5. Ensure that you can register this address with the municipality, as this is typically mandatory.
  6. Determine the duration of the lease agreement.
  7. Examine the rental contract thoroughly before affixing your signature, and seek clarification on any ambiguities.

Check carefully what is included in the rent and what is not. Do not forget the additional costs:

  • Heating, water, electricity
  • Subscription internet connection, cable and telephone
  • Municipal taxes
  • Insurance, be sure to ask for a contents insurance
  • Service charge (cleaning and lighting in common areas)
  • Make sure that tax is really inclusive. And not only water, gas, and light, but also council tax, internet and TV.
The most challenging and least frequently suggested method of renting is through rental agency, although it might be something to think about. 
These rentals are most frequently found on websites that are not geared toward students. 
You write message expressing interest in room and requesting viewing, which is fairly simple process. 
The rental agency will message you back inviting you to viewing if they are even willing to consider an English-speaking renter. 
After the viewing, which is typically conducted one-on-one with rental agent, you’ll get an email thanking you for your interest and requesting any paperwork if you want to apply for that room.
The following step may seem little ruthless.
These firms typically invite ten to twenty persons to view room before letting the landlord select the tenant they want. 
This decision is typically made by the landlord based only on the stability of the prospective tenant’s finances. 
Tenants who consistently pay their rent on time are what landlords want. 
Your likelihood of being seen as safe increases with the size of your assets.  Those who are more likely to stay in an apartment for longer durations are also more likely to receive the space because landlords prefer tenants who do so.

Start early! It does not have to be 10 months before, but usually students will look for housing starting in February / March so it is advisable to start sooner.